The State of Origin for impro comedy that always sells out! Can Cranston Cup Champions The Tom Selleck Experience keep the belt in NSW? Will reigning champs WA or former champs Victoria come out on top? Will darkhorse Queensland or newcomers South Australia or Canberra stage a surprise win?

The Theatresports® National Championships (TNC) are back for the fifth season on Sunday 2 May, 2010 at the Enmore Theatre.

Theatresports® challenges performers to create instant comedy sketches based on surprise offers and audience suggestions. No scripts, no net, just some of the performing world's quickest minds creating songs, stories and even operas - all impromptu. It's the inspiration for TV shows like 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' and 'Thank God You’re Here'.

For two decades, Theatresports® has challenged performers to create instant comedy sketches based on surprise offers, and audience suggestions. Andrew Denton, Andrew O'Keefe, Adam Spencer and Wil Anderson are just some of the personalities who have cut their comic teeth competing in Theatresports®.

See them make up songs, stories and silliness as never before - or never again - seen! All improvised off the top of their heads!

Directed by Rebecca De Unamuno and Produced by Cale Bain.

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